Tea set use

1. How to use the bowl: Cover the bowl or cover the cup, divide it into three parts: the tea bowl, the bowl cover and the tray. Place the tea three grams in the bowl, rinse it, and cover it for five to six minutes. In this way, you can make a cup of tea, usually wi

Corner computer desk

The computer desk meets the needs of the corner, and the unconventional Founder is named. This kind of computer desk makes full use of the corner of the home, and its stylish appearance attracts a large number of buyers.

Printing commonly used paper types and specifications 2

Embossed paper press paper is a kind of cover decorative paper specially produced. The surface of the paper has a pattern that is not very noticeable. The color is gray, green, beige and pink, and is generally used to print monochrome covers. Embossed paper

Cartridges Needed Instrument Configuration

When our customer service personnel answered the customer's phone , they found that some packaging manufacturers did not know which configuration instruments they needed . Today

Detection of vitamin D2 and D3 in rice flour

Vitamin D (vitamin D) is a steroid derivative with anti-rickets effect, also called anti-rickets vitamin. The most important members of the vitamin D family are D2 and D3. Although some of the vitamin D can be supplemented in the daily diet, a considerable number of people still face the p