Defects in building templates

Material defect

The knots are wrapped in the branches of the wood.

Needle joint pln knots a healthy joint with a diameter of no more than 3mm.

The intergrown knots are formed by living strips of trees. The knot is closely connected with the

Biomorphic plastics trigger investment boom

If you want to trace the origin of bio-plastics, you should mention Ford Motor Co. founder Henry Ford, who used corn and soybean oil as raw materials to produce T-car components. Bioplastics are based on natural substances such as starch, and produce polylactic

How do you buy a wardrobe to teach you what you can't buy

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Summer is coming, the furniture market is heating up again, and all kinds of novel wardrobes are dizzying, but many people buy wardrobes that are not satisfactory. Some wardrobes loo

"New Workers" in the Printing Industry of the Future: Printing Robots

Does the printing industry also need robots? Yes, the printing industry has always been regarded as a labor-intensive industry. Improving the level of automation has been the main direction of development in recent years. Especially when the labor cost is soaring, reducing the number of wor

Screen Printing Issues

The details determine the success or failure. In the process of screen printing, if some aspects are not noticed, it is easy to affect the quality of printing and cause a series of troubles.

For the screen printing that is jointly completed by many peop