Pharmaceutical bottles need more effort to humanize packaging

With the increasing abundance of packaging materials and the humanization of design, we look at the changes in the pharmaceutical bottle market today. Medicine bottles have coexisted from single glass bottle packaging to plastic bottles and plastic bags in the

Walk-through cloakroom structure planning

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The walk-in cloakroom can be divided into two types: the living room cloakroom and the master horizontal cloakroom. The living room cloakroom is portable and usually placed in the living room, which typ

Spring wood furniture maintenance method

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The spring is wet, the furniture is prone to worms, how can we prevent furniture from worms? The following four small methods can help you.

After the house is renovated, it is necessary to spray

Precautions in the cloakroom renovation

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The cloakroom at home should pay attention to the decoration: first choose the form of the cloakroom according to the area of ​​the space, then choose the professional manufacturer to orde