Palm fish handmade

Palm fish handmade

First make green paper as background

Cut colored palm fish

Paste stones and bubbles

Cut some d

The arrival of summer, the demand for shower gel bottles increased

Summer heat, shower gel, and shampoo also ushered in the season. For shower gel companies, due to fluctuations in crude oil prices, they face greater cost pressures in recent years. Reducing costs has become an urgent problem for bath companies.

Stickers are used in a wide range of applications

Self-adhesive labels are also called self-adhesive labels, timely stickers, sticky notes, pressure-sensitive papers, etc. They are made of paper, film or special materials, coated with adhesive on the back, and coated with silicon bottom paper as a kind of protect

In-mold label mainstream processing method

The in-mold label is currently commonly used as a plastic film substrate, printed in a conventional manner, with a layer of UV or EB curing varnish applied to protect it, and the backside of the label is coated with a solid chemical binder. In-mold label materi

[Fashion Home] Wood Structure Nordic Centennial Modern Apartment

This Nordic-style Swedish apartment, built in 1897-1899, has been in existence for more than 100 years. This is a quality of residential architecture that we can hardly imagine. The most obvious geographical feature of Northern Europe is the sparsely populated area. Except for Denmark, most

Drying is determined by the speed of production

High-speed production is certainly desirable, but keep in mind that the drying methods described are of limited assistance to the dryer. When the production speed increases, the surface of the printed sheet must maintain an acceptable heat, and it is difficult to