Hold live young muscles secret diet anti-aging ingredients

Although aging is a problem everyone has to face, I believe that every woman is afraid of this, and it is simply unacceptable to think that the young face is no longer. Although this is an irreversible natural phenomenon, the speed of aging can be slowed down by our daily maintenance and ca

Safety inspection Beibei two furniture factory was seized

Beibei Town started the first shot of counterfeiting and safe production of furniture products, and recently sealed two furniture factories with many problems.

The Beibei Branch of the Shunde District Market Safety Supervision Bureau recently cooperated with the public security and

Bedroom feng shui taboo can not be ignored

The right medicine 3 types of dark circles cover a small trick

When it comes to concealer, you can't help but mention dark circles. Nowadays, dark circles are almost the basic equipment of urban girls, and they are also the most hated public enemies of girls. The formation of dark circles is not overnight, and it n

Packaging design patents

The counterfeit winds are extremely prosperous. In addition to imitating products, counterfeit goods still mimic package styling and design. The design includes appearance, patterns, decorations and colors. According to the provisions of the Chinese patent law,