Grab the 4 best skin rejuvenation stages

The monthly physiological period is actually the best "rejuvenation cycle" for the skin. During this month of the physiological cycle, it can be treated in four stages. Therefore, it is necessary to grasp the skin's time-phased and phased care so that skin care can do more wit

Softymo launches winter wet and dry makeup remover series

The intimate design of wet and dry allows the crush to choose the makeup remover. Whether it's dry cleaning and makeup removal, or wet hands and face remover, softymo wet and dry / fresh oil-free makeup remover also has excellent cleansing power.

High-end furniture "hidden rules" first exposure

Production link: limited cost foreign imported furniture also has Y goods

"One type is 'branded production', that is, a domestic merchant entrusts a foreign factory to produce a designated brand product, and the manufacturer prod

4 nostalgic toy shops in Shanghai (Photos)

Through the time, dream back to any door of childhood, here carries the collective memories of the 80s.

In the 1980s and 1990s, when there were no computers, no IPADs, and even TV channels no more than 10, what are we playing? The tin toy

Inkjet Printer Plug Failure Analysis

We often encounter problems with horizontal lines when using inkjet printers. After a print nozzle check, we can see that the print nozzles are broken. We usually think that this is a plug. In fact, nozzle incomplete printing is not necessarily a plug, which may h

Screen Printing Introduction

There are various methods for the pretreatment of the aluminum substrate. According to the application, there are mainly degreasing, sandblasting, wire drawing, polishing, and oxygen grease.

1. Oxidation: The surface of the aluminum plate after polishing

Jingrun pearl powder use method to share

[China Washing Cosmetics Network Report] Pearl powder , one of the beauty essentials for beauty lovers.

The role of pearl powder is many, such as: whitening beauty, detoxification eyesight, acne, blackheads and so on. The use of pearl powder is also flexible and eas