Analysis: printing sequence of flexographic printing

At present, color printing is usually performed by using yellow, magenta, cyan, and black four-color plates and superimposing them in a certain order. Theoretically speaking, four-color printing can have twenty-four different printing color sequences. The use of y

The most suitable whitening method for lazy MM

A study found that women's skin ages faster than aging. This is because they consume collagen 2.5 times faster than men. Collagen accounts for more than 70% of the skin's ingredients. It is the skin's water-locking sponge. Collagen is not enough. It can't be absorbed by any

4 eyeliner users comment

The eyeliner is a must-have for makeup. The product is soft, natural and easy to modify. It is the most suitable tool for primary beauty. But do you know the skill of choosing an eyeliner? Come and see the evaluation of these four <

Mitsubishi Pictures Develops HP Indigo Digital Printing Materials

Mitsubishi Image is the industry's leading manufacturer of environmentally-friendly materials, providing a wide range of ink-jet printing materials and recording paper for advertising, printing, and other areas. Now the company has launched a new DP series of

Bao Xiaobai self-exposure eye protection method

Sometimes aging is not necessarily about age, but more importantly, the state, and the eyes are the best way to reveal the state of men. Working overtime, staying up late, insomnia, and even just falling out of love, both eyes will have traces. Dark circles, bags under the eyes, and loose e

2011 bold makeup to show the new era of women

Bathed in the bright sunshine of the Spring Festival holiday, Miss An An, who has always paid attention to whitening sunscreen, has woven a "bib" that she can't wait: "Oh, what about spring? The hot, fiery sun will destroy my skin! I Go b

6 eye makeup remover trial evaluation

Make-up remover is the first step to thoroughly clean, and relatively complex eye makeup is especially important. For such an important part, of course, it is sloppy. Let's see what netizens say, their trial evaluation is very valuable!