Pre-regulation overprinting is not allowed to exclude faults

Recently, we have encountered an example of longitudinal ghosting on both sides of the J2108 offset press. Re-checking and adjusting the handover relationships of the machines will not help. There are many reasons for the inaccurate overprinting at both ends of

The new meaning of old chicken wing wood

With the recovery of the art market, the market price of hardwood furniture in the Ming and Qing Dynasties has once again attracted attention. From the price increase in 2005, the price began to decline at the end of 2007. Like all artworks, it experienced the market d

laser marking machine

laser marking machine

Laser marking is the use of a high-energy laser beam on the target, so that the surface of the target changes physically or chemically to obtain a visible pattern o

Discussion on wireless card technology

First, why promote wireless communication technology

China's current smart card devices (IC card consumer machines, attendance machines, access control machines, etc.) have been in large-scale development history since the mid-1990s, and have experienced more than 10 years of

Talking about the Application of Mirror Ink in Screen Printing

Mirror inks are printed on transparent plastic sheets, such as PC, PET, PVC, and PMMA, printed on the back of these transparent sheets, and look smooth from the front of the transparent sheet, such as with a mirror or bronzing surface. , so called mirror ink. M

Oil bottle cleaning tips

When the oil or oil tank in the kitchen is used for a long time, a layer of grease will be deposited on the bottom of the bottle and it can be cleaned in two ways.

Method one: You can put a few pieces of crushed eggshell in the bottle, drop a few drops of detergent, then pour a little hot

Bugatti luxury perfume bottle 24K gold exterior

It seems that Volkswagen Group wants to use its luxury car brands to make a fortune. Following the series of bags and luxury computers launched by Bentley in September, Bugatti is now launching a series of products for those who are currently unable to purchase sup