The cause of stick-back problems and countermeasures

After the printing of the plastic film or transparent paper, the imprint has dried, but after the printing of the roll or the bag is stored, the back surface becomes dirty. In severe cases, the printed parts cannot be torn apart and the graphic ink is moved. Dy

Offset product quality testing requirements and data usage (on)

First, product quality testing conditions

1. Observe the ambient color around the surface: N6-N8, C (0.3. If the wall and ground around the observation surface do not meet the above requirements, apply a baffle that meets the above requirements to enclo

Brief introduction of foam printing process

Foam printing refers to printing by means of screen printing on paper or fabric using microsphere foamed ink, and heating to obtain a raised text or Braille reading. Graphic text has a good three-dimensional effect of convex and concave, mainly applies to the d

German beverage packaging creative design exquisite and practical

The German beverage package has a thin cardboard layer on the outside and a layer of aluminum foil on the inside. The foil is first compounded with other plastic films and then laminated with cardboard. Cardboard itself has its advantages, light weight, a certa

Solvent ink application in advertising

The use of solvent ink in advertising is already very common, but with the progress of society, the improvement of human living standards, people pay more and more attention to efficiency and environmental protection issues, so there are two trends in the developm

Single coating

Stand-alone coating is the use of a special coating machine to polish the printed surface, that is, printing and coating are performed on their own special equipment. Stand-alone coating has its own unique advantages in terms of light on the ground, and has a h

Green logistics and green packaging

Abstract Green logistics is an important part of sustainable development. Green logistics includes the content of green packaging. Green packaging is an important part of green logistics. Green packaging strategies based on green logistics include: strengthenin

Gravure packaging ink deployment

At present, most of the gravure packaging companies in China are limited by economic conditions, and all kinds of plate cylinders used are produced by customers or production companies to a special plate-making company. Because of the high cost of the gravure c

Application of environment-friendly gold and silver cardboard UV ink

With the rising global environmental protection demand, governments in the world have stricter controls over atmospheric organic volatiles and toxic substances than ever before, and radiation curing technology known as environmental green technology (UV curing

Screen Printing Ink Painting Hand-painted Black Picture Process Items

First, draw a cross rule line around the four corners of the manuscript or attach a transparent “10” tape. The cross rule line is used for color mapping, plate making and printing. So the reticle is drawn with a small linear pen and requires fine an

Reflections on Quality Inspection of Book Printing

The China Press and Publications published an article titled "The 16th National Book Fair Book Printing Quality Inspection Results Announcement" and allotted the secretaries. The report pointed out that about 20% of the 3010 kinds of books selected in

New Concord C2 servo-driven flexo printing machine

McAndy introduced the new Concord C2 servo-driven flexo printing press, which is a new Concord flexographic printing press using servo drive technology. The width is 16 to 32 inches. Can print on substrates with a thickness of 12 to 610μm. The maximum mechan