Product Packaging Review - Overview (2)

Fourth, the requirements of commodity packaging

Commodity packaging should follow the principle of “scientific, economical, firm, beautiful, and marketable” and generally has the following requirements:

(A) The commo

New PET Bottle Barrier Resin

Valspar introduced a new series of barrier/oxygen-absorbing resin ValOR.

The ValOR resin is a specialty polyester that can be used as a barrier/oxygen absorber resin in multilayer PET bottles, and can also be processed with PET to prepare relatively tra

Reflections on Packaging and Book Binding Design

Abstract: This article discusses the three aspects of packaging and book binding, the analysis of some box structures in packaging and book binding design, and suggests that the understanding and analysis of structures in books can be roughly divided into five

How to obtain high quality golden gloss for sheetfed gravure printing

What kind of printing process can show the effect of metal material? Hot stamping can be achieved, but it is expensive, and it cannot be overprinted as a bottom layer; offset printing can print a variety of gold and silver effects, but only works well on high-g

Fuji Xerox DocuWide C354 Color Inkjet Printer

DocuWide C354 is a high-speed, high-quality color inkjet printer that uses a wide-line printhead with 510 nozzles for high-quality, high-speed printing. DocuWide C354 has a maximum print width of 1372 mm, a maximum print length of 30 meters, and a vertical prin

The key to improving color performance

Abstract: Intensifying color awareness, correctly observing and mastering the color laws of objective objects, emphasizing the overall observation and expression of color sketches, and improving the ability to distinguish colors and use color shapes are the key

PP copolymers for recyclable containers

A new type of PP copolymer is said to provide toughness and rigidity for containers, trays, trays, etc. that require recycling. Phillips Sumika Polypropylene's Marlex ALN-070 offers faster cycle times and reduced warpage, thanks in part to Milliken Chemical

Multi-chamber bottle

Patent name: Zhang Jixiao, patent applicant for the multi-chamber bottle; Qin Xinchang, principal applicant, address: 044512 Inventor: Zhang Jixiao, Lvchecun, Yucheng Town, Yongji City, Shanxi Province; Qin Xinchang (patent) No. 200420016732.1 Date of Application: