Effect and Influence of Alcohol Fountain Solution on Offset Printing

In 1904, American American Rubel invented the offset printing technology. Afterwards, German American Caspar Hermann brought this technology back to Germany and invented the first three-push offset press in 1906-1907. As we all know, offset printing is based on

Electromagnetic Printing Structure Features and Working Principle

With the rapid development of science and technology, new printing technologies continue to emerge. They provide new technologies and means for the improvement of the quality of printed matter and the variety of printed products. They also create conditions for

Set print parameters (four)

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Before the manuscript has been formally finalized, people often print some drafts to analyze the structure of the entire document or to check the existence of the document; if the current manuscript cont

Transparent ink and its use should pay attention to the problem

The clear ink refers to the ink that is made of dyes for all or most of the colorants. The hiding power is very low and the transparency is extremely high. This article will talk about some matters that should be noted during the use of transparent ink.

Printing process inks

Printing process ink

The development trend of pad printing inks is still mainly based on solvent inks, and the use of screen printing inks instead of pad printing inks is also very effective. At present, most ink manu