Food packaging box capable of containing release material

The utility model has the characteristics that the packaging box can be used for packaging foods, and can also contain the food peelings, which is convenient and sanitary to use, and does not affect the environmental hygiene when eating.

The drawing is

Chinese style of green plastic packaging concept (below)

Strengthen recycling and reuse, and realize ecological recycling of packaging waste

During the entire life cycle of the green packaging, it follows the principles of economic activities of “reduction, reuse, and resource recycling

Scanner resolution details - meaning

Resolution is closely related to image quality and is an important technical parameter to measure the expressiveness of image details. Its application range is very extensive. In digital devices such as scanners, resolution is used as a measure of the device

See packaging through shopping in Africa

In August of this year, I went to Africa for a sightseeing tour to experience Egypt’s ancient civilization and modern people and experience South Africa’s natural landscape and cultural atmosphere. Visited the ancient city of Luxor in Egypt, the s

Canada successfully developed a packaging machine

A company in Ontario, Canada developed a successful packaging heat sealing device. The device can heat-seal and cool plastic, vinyl, multi-layer, angled, pillow-shaped and 10 inch masking film bags at a working speed of 750 pieces/minute. The bag can hold 2 pounds

Bag beverage packaging machine

【Abstract】 A kind of packaging machine for bagged drinks, main organisms, film holders, hoppers and metering discs, which is characterized by its frame labeling mechanism, thread feeding mechanism, thread trimming mechanism, labelling and clipping mec

Development of printing inks and cleaning agents (in)

2. Printing ink cleaning

Printing equipment needs regular cleaning of dirt such as oil and ink in the production process. In the printing process, when replacing the new ink type and after the printing job is completed, the ink on the ink

RFID Innovation Application: Measured Print Times

According to Jean Bedord, a senior analyst and consultant at Shore Communications, although publishers, printing houses, academies, and large companies are increasingly turning to electronic publications, many people still prefer paper publications. Reading e-p