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Illustrator made a small suggestion

The quester has posted suggestions on corel draw. I also write illustrator here. I hope to help everyone. What's wrong with you?
1 Because the illustrator's corner function is very me

Gravure ink raw materials and properties

With the development of social economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the status of gravure printing in various printing methods has become more prominent. The study of gravure printing technology has very important practical significance. H

Automatic pillow packing machine

The M-5000G automatic pillow packing machine manufactured by Beijing Dasen Changkong Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. adopts advanced technologies such as touch screen control system, PID automatic control heating and micro motor automatic tracking printing marks,

Printing platemaking process (1)

Collect data - scan pictures - text input - image design - layout programming - output film - proofing - more than - finished

Scanner Specifications

The main technical indicators of the scanner include: manuscript type, input

U.S. Developed QLE Bottle

Developed by the United States QLE bottle, its antioxidant capacity 3 times -10 times higher than ordinary PET bottle, moisture capacity increased 2-fold, transparency, and microwaveable, and applies to the current PET recycling processes. Its production proces

Printability of paper

The printability of paper is based on the specific printing method and the necessary conditions for the production of good quality prints should have a comprehensive response of various physical and chemical properties. The specific printing method refers to of

Screen printing ink performance solution - plasticity

5. Plasticity.

Plasticity refers to the property of being able to completely or partially retain its deformation after being deformed by external forces.

Screen printing inks are concentrated suspension gums between fluids and se

LIN CUBE stand bag

The package is a square or rectangular standup bag made by Ta ra Plastics Corporation, Star Packaging Corporation and Linpac, Inc. (Packaging) Cooperative production. Compared to conventional packaging, this stand-up pouch has many unbeatable features, including e

Field walking and footwear selection Read full article >>

The introduction of field sports should begin with walking. People cannot walk away from them. Walking is one of the most basic human skills.

Walking is the simplest sport, regardless of venue. Take a trip to the wild and enjoy the twists and turns. You will feel happy.


Laser holographic anti-counterfeit aluminized paper

Invention Name: A Laser Holographic Anti-counterfeit Aluminized Paper
Patent Application No
Abstract: The utility model relates to an anti-counterfeiting technology used for packaging, and is particularly applicable to packaging products such as cigarett