Japan developed a new film preservation

This is a one-time-use moisture-absorbing and fresh-keeping plastic packaging film developed by Japan. It is composed of two translucent nylon membranes with strong water permeability, and has natural paste and osmotic pressure between the membranes. High sugar sy

Postpress Technology 1000 (731-741)

731. What is the operating requirement for the collation machine to suck the post?
Answer: (1) The time and angle of attracting the poster should be correct (usually the hem should be around 30°), and it should be matched with the placard and the placar

Screen printing plate and substrate gap

The certain gap between the screen plate and the substrate is determined by the characteristics of the screen printing.

The screen printing plate is based on a screen, and the screen is stretched on the screen frame. When the screen is in a horizontal s

Packing iron spray process instead of spray paint

Anhui Chlor-alkali Group Packaging Products Co., Ltd. has successfully transformed the painting process of the packaging drum production line and changed the traditional painting process that has been used for many years to the plastic spraying process.

U.S. company develops moisture-proof multi-layer film

US Tekni-plex developed a multilayer film with a moisture-proof layer called “Novinex”. Topasco is used as the inner layer, and the outer layer is made of polypropylene at the same time. It has stronger moisture proof than PVDC polymer multilayer film.

"puppet toy" hides greasy "fairy dancing" has a trick

(Reporter Zhu Xiumin) "You are not saying that this toy can jump and stand again? How can I not do this? You deceive people!" "How do I lie? I have been here for 3 years! With you It’s really bad for people to do business.” Yesterday morning, the reporter passed thro

Factors affecting the strength of corrugated boxes

The strength of corrugated cartons is an important technical indicator for the quality inspection of packaging containers. The level of these indicators reflects the quality of raw materials on the one hand and the quality of processing techniques on the other.

Hibiscus coffee cup

This kind of 180ml plastic coffee cup is very popular in Japan. The cup is made of PP material. The two-layer shrink straw is attached to the cup wall of the coffee cup. The special feature of the cup lies in the design of the cup lid. There is a transparent bo

Development of mixed plastic screening recycling technology

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has successfully developed a hybrid plastic screening and recycling technology that has enabled home appliances to achieve “horizontal self-recycling (recycling from home appliances to home appliances)”. In the past,