Future Publishing and Printing (1)

At present, the printing industry is facing or will face many challenges. In the next 20 years, there will be a certain degree of division within the printing industry. Some products will have a considerable market, while some printing products will have to declin

Cosmetic packaging and grade

In people's daily life, cosmetics are becoming an indispensable beauty skin care product. Cosmetics in the beautification of life also form a consumer market that contains huge business opportunities and cannot be ignored. Various skin care concepts emerge in

Anqing petrochemical catalytic cracker using MIP technology

Anqing Petrochemical Branch of Sinopec Corp. used the technology of the catalytic cracking unit to upgrade the existing heavy oil catalytic cracking unit using the MIP-producing isoparaffin technology developed by the Research Institute of Petroleum Processing. Th

Vinyl chloride recovery unit benefits significantly

The VCM recovery technology device jointly developed by Chengdu Huaxi Chemical Research Institute and Xi'an Xihua Thermal Power Co., Ltd. was recently incorporated into the system for operation by Western Chemical Thermal Power Company. After 70 hours of te

Dangerous Goods Packaging Test in Packaging Test (I)

[Abstract] In order to protect the environment, dangerous goods packages must be tested before entering the circulation field. This article reviews the general test methods and requirements for dangerous goods packaging, and describes the entire test process and e

Enthusiasm to Modern Packaging Industry Power (I)

After 20 years of efforts in the last century, China's modern packaging industry has made considerable progress. In 2001, the total output value of the national packaging industry reached 237.6 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 28 times from 1982. There are

Japan JSR develops new film

A new thin film was successfully developed during the process of studying polybutadiene thermoplastic elastomers by JSR in Japan. This plastic elastomer is syndiotactic 1,2-polybutadiene's "JSR RB" and has the hardness of plastics. With rubber elasti

Foreign flexographic printing and printing industry (on)

South Africa is located at the southern tip of Africa, with an area of ​​12,22,201 square kilometers and is divided into 9 autonomous provinces. It has a population of about 41 million and 11 languages. English is used as a business language. In 1995

Shenyang magnesium salt production process reduces costs

Recently, the dynamic calcination of magnesium oxide technology has been successfully developed at the Shenyang Institute of Science and Technology Machinery Industry and will be put into production in Hebei, Shandong, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai and other places, pro

"Tenth Five-Year" Domestic Synthetic Adhesives (I)

Experts in the industry predict the production and demand situation of domestic synthetic adhesive products during the “10th Five-year Plan” as follows:
Trialdehyde rubber trialdehyde rubber is mainly used for wood processing and man-made fiberboa

Discussion on bouldering and top climbing

Bouldering and top climbing

Department of the Moon Mountain to play rock climbing with a group of masters, playing with the left 9th line with the 6th line, feeling surprisingly cool! (Some