Domestic spherical lollipop packing machine

The new type of spherical lollipop packing machine independently researched and developed by Jiangsu Rugao Food Machinery Factory was recently tested by the National Machinery Industry Food Machinery Product Quality Testing Center. The machine has reached the corr

Nano plastic waterproof floor developed successfully in Liaoning

A new type of nano plastic waterproof, wear-resistant solid wood composite floor was recently successfully developed by the Flooring Professional Committee of the Liaoning Province Furniture Association and the Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Steam of t

Emerging packaging technology

With the economic development and improvement of people's living standards, the packaging of goods is particularly important. The development of edible packaging in the foreign packaging industry mainly focuses on materials selection, processes, etc. All kinds

Aluminum-plastic combined top security bottle CN2463345Y

The aluminum-plastic combination top-open anti-counterfeit bottle cap includes an inner plug, a glass ball in the inner plug, a conical cap on the upper part of the inner plug, an inner cap with an outer thread on the inner plug, and an outer cap with an inner thr