Alternative elements create exaggerated makeup

Jumping dazzling colors, continuation of contrasting styles, generous fluorescent eye makeup, and even dazzling eyebrows, this year's makeup infused with alternative elements, began to create exaggerated makeup . Let's enjoy it together. Chapurin Inspired by Siberian and Russian designers-----

2011 makeup new product express

With the gradual arrival of June, the temperature has gradually increased, and the spring and summer applicable makeup is still popular, and major brands have launched the latest summer makeup in 2011. The makeup industry and the entire cosmetics industry are still the era of creative success and a-----

UV LED printer six hit features

1. Variable ink droplets, the highest resolution up to 14401200dpi. White shading prints up to 50mm. 2. UVLED technology enables UJF-3042 to print on thermal media such as acrylic plastic. In addition, UJF-3042 can print excellent results on non-coated media such as glass, wood, and metal, and ha-----