"Polyhedron-Prism" ppt (Shanghai Education Ed…

(High school grade 3 in Shanghai Education Edition) Mathematics: 15.1 "Polyhedron-Prism" Polyhedron-a space figure surrounded by several plane polygons Each polygon-the common side of the two faces of the polyhedron-the common point of the edges and edges of the polyhedron-the vertex of th-----

Corner computer desk

The computer desk meets the needs of the corner, and the unconventional Founder is named. This kind of computer desk makes full use of the corner of the home, and its stylish appearance attracts a large number of buyers. Magnetic Bicycle For GymMagnetic Exerci-----

Cartridges Needed Instrument Configuration

When our customer service personnel answered the customer's phone , they found that some packaging manufacturers did not know which configuration instruments they needed . Today , Haida said that the instrument configuration needed for the paper carton : 1 Measurement of size and skewness S-----