Bugatti luxury perfume bottle 24K gold exterior

It seems that Volkswagen Group wants to use its luxury car brands to make a fortune. Following the series of bags and luxury computers launched by Bentley in September, Bugatti is now launching a series of products for those who are currently unable to purchase super products. Luxury Veyron consum-----

Do not choose a wooden house in your home.

If you like to live in a wooden house or a Japanese-style house, when you choose a house, please ask people about what kind of wood the house is made of. Because, in the early years, many homeowners tend to use some ash wood to make building materials in order to save costs or-----

Yingyi Company becomes the world's first recycled f…

The world's first food grade PET bottle/HDPE bottle recycling plant in Dagenham, Essex, UK, officially opened on June 27, 2008. In the first year, the factory can regenerate 35,000 tons of plastic bottles including milk bottles and soft drink bottles, turning them into recycled raw materials f-----

The role of hardwood furniture

Speaking of the health effects of hardwood, let us start with the most familiar huanghuali and red sandalwood. Hainan fragrant yellow sandalwood, commonly known as huanghuali, also known as "hypotension wood", is native to the low-altitude plains and hilly areas of -----

Problems in the production of metal shaped cans (2)

Problems in the production of metal shaped cans (2) Fourth, the impact of welding quality on product quality For the welding of shaped cans, resistance welding machines are basically used at present. Its characteristics are good sealing performance and high weld strength. When the tensile streng-----