Keep your home life away from "noise"

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Human beings live in a variety of voices every day. From a physiological point of view, all sounds that interfere with the normal life of human beings are collectively referred to as noise. Noise can be divided into high intensity and low intensity. In gen-----

Halloween ornaments

Handmade materials: black cardboard, cake paper, glue, puncher, rope, various small patterns In short, it is similar to the vertical advertising machine.  It uses electronic ultra-white tempered glass with a transmission rate of 95%, beautiful in-----

Halloween pumpkin making illustration

Halloween pumpkin First, we have to prepare a square orange paper. Draw a pattern on the paper with a pencil and cut the painted shape with scissors. Then, use a double-sided tape to stick the short pair and then stick the long pair. Then use a pair of scissors to drill-----

Cardboard handmade - bridge

Place some LED lights It will be very beautiful at night. Mini stool is a very light, compact and extremely comfortable stool made with outstanding quality. It`s perfect for watching sport, tradesmen working close to the ground, photographers, fishing, camp-----