Ensure release

Ensure liberation: When a member of the rope team can't handle it and needs someone to help, the other two players must be separated from the main The ropes are deployed for assistance, but the preconditions for the two players to leave the main rope must be fixed to the main rope to ensure t-----

New Bleach Stabilizers - Organophosphates

In order to improve the bleaching process of peroxides, the use of pressurized and high temperature measures can increase the effectiveness of peroxide bleached kraft pulp. The key to the success of the process is the treatment of metal ions in the pulp. The use of a chelating agent segment and th-----

Vertical Limit (United States)

Vertical Limit (United States) The Story Synopsis Peter is a young man who loves mountaineering, and his sister Anne continues to challenge the mountains and mountains under the tutelage of the climber's father. One of the three rock climbing accidents at the same time, his father sacrificed hi-----

High-resolution carton printing equipment

Based on market demand, Taiwan's existing industry has begun to introduce high-resolution carton printing equipment. This printing equipment will replace the traditional label paper, reduce the cost of packaging labeling and reduce the inventory of cartons, not only the packaging of automated -----

BIB Packaging and Machinery New Technology

What is BIB Packaging BIB is an abbreviation for English baginbox. The Chinese translation refers to a box-in-box or liner-bag box, meaning that there is a layer of plastic or paper bag inside the outer box. Because BIB is much easier to dispose of than packages such as petroleum cans, its use in -----

Domestic spherical lollipop packing machine

The new type of spherical lollipop packing machine independently researched and developed by Jiangsu Rugao Food Machinery Factory was recently tested by the National Machinery Industry Food Machinery Product Quality Testing Center. The machine has reached the corresponding standard requirements, a-----